The Best Non-Fiction Books for New Hobbies in 2020

Books 4 People's impressive collection of non-fiction books showcase the perfect titles for those new hobbies you want to pick up while spending more time at home during 2020. Whether you want to learn to cook a new cuisine, or master a new type of photography, Books 4 People has something for you. 

Now you can enjoy our best non-fiction books with amazing discounts. Our fantastic and curated book selections are always available at unbeatable prices. Enjoy new hobbies that enrich your life without breaking your wallet. 

Mastering Landscape Photography 

Landscape photography can be a solitary experience, but award-winning landscape photographer David Taylor believes creativity requires a certain amount of peaceful contemplation to flourish. What skills or requirements, therefore, does a successful landscape photographer need? An ability to work well in cold or wet conditions is one that springs to immediately to mind, but a landscape photographer also has to understand how the weather and the seasons affect the landscape. Navigational skills are useful to find potential subjects. Above all, empathy for the natural world is a prerequisite. Beginning with a comprehensive guide to the choice of camera, lenses and other equipment and accessories, Taylor goes on to discuss the fundamentals of exposure (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, dynamic range) and an appreciation of the effects of light on the landscape at various times of the day and in all types of weather.

Order your quintessential copy of Mastering Landscape Photography now at a discounted price. 

2. Bridgman's Complete Guide to Drawing from Life 

If drawing is more your brand of artistic inspiration then look no further than Bridgman's Complete Guide to Drawing from Life. This volume combines six books by celebrated artist and lecturer George A. Bridgman who taught figure and anatomy drawing at New York City's Art Students League. This fifth edition preserves Bridgman's comprehensive lessons and original sketches, featuring more than 1000 drawings and 22 expert lessons on mastering the human figure from every angle, but repackages it with a new cover that distinguishes it from the competition.

Enjoy the gift of drawing with Bridgman's Complete Guide to Drawing from Life

3. The Easy Tarot Kit 

So much more than just a book, this complete tarot kit will provide the inner intuit in you with all the tools you need to unlock the mysteries of the world of tarot. Delve into the secrets tarot reading with this fascinating box set. Unique and magical cards are included and are complemented with easy-to-follow explanations for each of the cards. Used for centuries to understand the present and predict the future, tarot has always been a source of fascination. Now you too can share and explore this method of divination with this great introductory pack.

Get started on a magical journey with The Easy Tarot Kit 64 Page Book and 78 Cards Deck

4. RHS Encyclopedia of Plants & Flowers

'You can't do without it. As a reference book it is unsurpassed.' - The Guardian

'Absolutely essential' - BBC Good Homes

Choose the right plants for your garden and find all the inspiration and guidance you need with the new edition of this best-selling illustrated reference book organised by plant colour, size, and type. Drawing on expert advice from the RHS, the book features an illustrated catalogue of more than 4,000 plants and flowers.

Order the indispensable RHS Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers book today. 

5. Palestine on a Plate 

Showcasing the wide-ranging, vibrant and truly delicious dishes of this region and introducing you to traditional Palestinian methods; cooking styles and flavours, this stunning cookbook is a tribute to family, cooking, and the home. Packed full of old recipes that have been re-created with love and that bring people together in appreciation of the beauty of this rich heritage, it's a celebration of real Palestinian food, filled with the ingredients that Joudie's mother and grandmother still use and their grandmothers used before them.

Experience the wonderful flavors of Palestine through zingy fattet hummus (tangy yoghurt, chickpeas and hummus, served over toasted pita bread and drizzled in buttered pine nuts), satisfyingly spiced makloubeh (an upside down spiced rice dish with lamb neck and fried eggplant), eggplant and zucchini stuffed full with spiced and herbed lamb and much much more. 

Palestine on a Plate: Memories from my Mother's Kitchen Winner 'Best Arab Cuisine Book' - Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2016.


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