Quick Guide on How to Send Purchase Orders For Schools and Trade Customers
  1. Main Menu Click - Trade Catalogue
  2. Followed by - Online (Via PO)
  3. This will Open Snazal Online Catalogue - Please see image below:
  1. Select your product and add your qty using the Menu on the left and Search bar on the Top.
  2. When you finish selecting your products, please click on the basket top right, please see image below:


  1. After Clicking on the basket it will take you to the bottom of the page, showing the summary of the order. Here you can adjust your qty or remove any item you do not wish to purchase.
  2. Once you are happy with your order you can either send Purchase Order or Download your order via excel using the Download Cart Button which you can send us via email (snazalwholesale@gmail.com).


  1. If you selected send purchase order below screen will appear where you have fill all your details and click on Send Purchase Order To Snazal


Once you click on Send Purchase Order To Snazal you will see confirmation message that your order has been sent to our wholesale team who will get in touch with you shortly.