Biff Chip And Kipper Stage 3 Read With Oxford For Age 5 - 16 Books Collection Set

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Oxford University Press SKU: SNW6033
ISBN: 9780192774477
AUTHOR: Various
FORMAT: Paperback

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16 Books set

I have purchased 16 books stage 3 read with Oxford. 8 books are phonics and the other 8 are for when my granddaughter starts year 1. They are very nice books just the right amount of writing. It will not overwhelm the children. They came very quickly and are good value for the money. I would recommend!

Theepa Quinton

Biff Chip And Kipper Stage 3 Read With Oxford For Age 5 - 16 Books Collection Set

Tara Carter
Stage 3 Read With Oxford

I ordered these not sure whether my son would need stage 3 or 4. He has just finished reception and is considered one of up upper average readers of the class. These were perfect and just the right stage so hopefully this gives people an idea of the right stage for their own little one as I don't feel there is enough guidance of suitable stages on the websites I was browsing. I just took the risk in the end. He's literally only just turned 5 as he is one of the youngest in the class. They're a good length. He has to read each book in two halves. Perfect for any reception reader in the latter half, or early year one I would say, providing they're fairly average readers. Great little pack and definitely worth the investment if like us, you have a book shelf full of bedtime story books that are a little too advanced for your little ones to attempt themselves and you're wanting them to do more of the reading themselves to improve them :)

Sheila Ward
Excellent learning to read books

Children love them

Biff, Chip and Kipper Stage 3 Read with Oxford 5+ 16 Books Collection Set

Brilliant sets of books

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